Comfort & Consolation – Notecards


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Poem written within cards appears as follows:
(there is ample space for writing personal notes in each card)

Comfort & Consolation

May your days be brightened and tears erased
When you are soothed by a warm embrace.

May you rest yourself when too weary to stand,
Be relieved by a caring hand.

May you relax in the knowing you’ll soon feel whole
As the Joy of friendship comforts your soul.

May a walk in Nature relieve your mind,
Your loss be eased by Grace, in time.

May Peace enfold you like wings of a dove,
Embracing your heart with Eternal Love.

May you find solace in the warmth of the sun
And sleep ever soundly when day is done.

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Comfort & Consolation Note Cards

Five pack, Single card

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