Our Company

Harmoney Laurence - Founder of Infinite Potential Creations Surrey life coaching sessions

How We Began

When Harmoney learned how little of our potential* we humans use, as accepted widely in the 60s*, she felt inspired to help people tap into their innate, God-given gifts and talents and share them more fully with the world. This also spawned the company’s name, Infinite Potential Creations.

The iceberg image above aptly depicts how little of what and who we truly are is seen on the surface and how much is yet to be discovered inside us.

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*Potential, Cambridge Dictionary [Online] Available: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/potential [Accessed June 29 2018]

Paying It Forward

It is part of Infinite Potential Creations’ mission to give back to the community and the world.

Therefore, 20% of the proceeds from every purchase made on our web site will be given to a worthwhile charitable cause that includes but is not limited to:

  • Animal and child welfare
  • Environmental protection
  • Spiritual/religious education

A specific list of the organizations, and how our donations can help them, will be provided at a later date.

About Harmoney

Harmoney’s lifelong commitment to the cultivation of spiritual, physical, mental and emotional fitness and well-being has contributed to her success as a Life Path Coach and Guide within the arena of Surrey life coaching.

As a full-time student of life who strives for continuous improvement, she has complimented her formal education with many years of training, education and self-study.

Harmoney’s mission is to teach, inspire and encourage her clients to discover and acknowledge their natural gifts and strengths and unleash them into the world to achieve their life’s purpose.

She does this by guiding them to tap into their vast, reservoir of infinite potential.

Currently, she works hard on her Surrey life coaching business and plays in the beautiful outdoors with her devoted feline companion and spiritual teacher, Ramira.

Your hidden gifts can be found just under the surface.
— Harmoney Laurence

Client Appreciation