Allowing Miracles Postcards – Angelic Grace


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Poem written within cards appears as follows:
(there is ample space for writing personal notes in each card)

Allowing Miracles

Magic, Meaning, Miracles, Music, and Mystery Occur
in the Space……Between the Notes

Go slowly. Breathe deeply. Take time. Leave space.
Be present. Do nothing. Allow Grace. Have fun!

Be more. Speak consciously. Simplify life. Be still.
Laugh often! Seek solitude. Soothe yourself.

Willingly surrender. Forgive yourself. Be open.
Say yes! Live peacefully. Be authentic.

Smile often! Love yourself. Savour waiting.
Let go! Let God! Celebrate successes!

Sing joyously! Dance delightedly! Be childlike!

Feel emotions. JUST BREATHE…

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Allowing Miracles Postcards

Five pack, Single card

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