Getting Started

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Life Path Coaching & Guidance Sessions*

Harmoney brings over 40 years of teaching, coaching, consulting and counselling experience with large and small companies, as well as her own business, to her practise.

She also has over 20 years of practical knowledge and experience with a variety of healing modalities.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Life mastery/balance
  • Spirituality
  • Health/fitness/well-being
  • Right livelihood/career
  • Life purpose/mission/vision
  • Relationships
  • Financial intelligence
  • Marketing communications, sales and networking

Offering her distinctive blend of knowledge, wisdom and tools, she guides clients in their journeys to greater levels of peace, balance, health, joy and fulfillment.

Harmoney is available for sessions from Tuesday to Thursday from 1-4 p.m. pst via phone, Skype or Facetime.

As a Life Path Coach & Guide, Harmoney facilitates your connection to the Divine Intelligence (I AM Presence) within you.

*These sessions can be combined with our unique Life Path Readings.

*See brochure for more information. DOWNLOAD PDF

I appreciate how Harmoney guided and coached me for over 2 1/2 years. I had never experienced a time in my life where I quit a job to pursue my personal interest. Harmoney encouraged me to explore my Big Dream, take steps towards it and here I am - at the start line of this project! I left my high tech job on a ‘high’ and feel excited about the opportunities and challenges of the journey ahead!
— Chie Kawahara

*Chie eventually built, and is now living in, her magnificent green dream home!

Numerology at Surrey life coaching
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“Divine Numerology” Playshops – Coming Fall of 2018*

Harmoney has been fascinated with and studied the Galactic 13-Moon Calendar of natural time for 10 years.

Come and discover your magnificence through this resonant language that is designed to reflect your constantly evolving and divinely creative self!

This series was designed to help you align with the True You and tune into the deeper purpose of your birth and life.

These playshops were inspired and are based on the seminal book, The Romance in Your Name by Dr. Juno Jordan, the text provided for the playshops.

Harmoney has also created a Numerology Playbook, of the same title, to accompany Dr. Jordan’s text, giving students a tool to use for figuring and recording all of their numbers.

Professional or amateur Numerologists can also purchase the playbook separately here.ORDER PLAYBOOK

In this potentially life-changing playshop series, you will learn…*

*See brochure for more information. DOWNLOAD PDF

Galactic Signature Playshop – Coming Winter of 2018*

The ancient Maya had over 20 different calendars based on galactic cycles of energy. Several are still in use today including the personal astrological tzolkin where your birthdate reflects your unique energy ‘signature’ and its relationship to your purpose and place in community.

*See brochure for more information. DOWNLOAD PDF

I was introduced to Galactic Signatures and the Dreamspell calendar by Harmoney and it has been a life-changing experience. Harmoney has the compassion, wisdom, and coaching experience to gently bring others to a new level of understanding about themselves and their creation.
— Eileen Brooks

Mythical readings at Surrey life coaching
Life Path Numerology, Astrology & Destiny Readings

These unique readings can help give you a deeper understanding of the synchronicity in your own life as well as your relationships.

What you discover can inspire you to take wisdom-guided action in your life to help you achieve your fullest potential each day.

Tools used include your:

  • Galactic Signature, based on the 13-Moon Calendar that uses both the Chinese and Mayan calendars and astrology
  • Numerology, based on Dr. Juno Jordan’s teachings
  • Destiny Path information

Harmoney is available to give readings from Tuesday-Thursday from 1-4pm pst via phone, Skype or Facetime.

*Relationship readings also available
*These sessions can be combined with our unique Life Path Coaching & Guidance

Numerology at Surrey life coaching
Comfort & Consolation Notecards
Books & Cards

Infinite Potential Creations offers the following e-books:

Divine Numerology – This e-book was designed as a tool for the playshop of the same title and can also be used independently.

Life in Poetry, Volume 1, Love & Romance (coming fall/winter of 2018) – Over 100 poems, written over the course of 50 years, on love & romance, spirituality, life, loss & death, relationships, nature, celebration and more.

Magical Menopause (coming winter of 2018/19) – This e-book contains inspirational keys and tools that can serve as catalysts to bring you and your loved ones cheer, encouragement and strength as you make your transition through the various stages of menopause (also PMS) with greater ease and joy. When you apply the suggestions given in this dynamic book, you will feel positively empowered to accept and even embrace the changes in your body and emotions so that you can live a more fulfilling life.

Infinite Potential Creations currently offers the following inspirational greeting card series in two different formats and a variety of colours and photos:

  • Birthday Blessings
  • Allowing Miracles
  • Comfort & Consolation
My daily intention is to radiate Truth, Peace, Joy & Love around the world.
— Harmoney Laurence