Your Galactic Signature (coming Winter 2018)


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Galactic Signature Playshop
“I was introduced to Galactic Signatures and the Dreamspell calendar by Harmoney and it has been a life-changing experience. Harmoney has the compassion, wisdom, and coaching experience to gently bring others to a new level of understanding about themselves and their creation.”
— Eileen Brooks

Harmoney has been fascinated with and studied the Galactic 13-Moon Calendar of natural time for 10 years.

Come and discover your magnificence through this resonant language that is designed to reflect your constantly evolving and divinely creative self!

The ancient Maya had over 20 different calendars based on galactic cycles of energy.
Several are still in use today including the personal astrological tzolkin where your birthdate reflects your unique energy ‘signature’ and its relationship to your purpose and place in community.

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